Founded in January 2014, we are not your typical camera club. We have no speakers, presentations, competitions, outings, secretaries, committees or membership fees.

There are plenty of clubs available offering this, but we prefer to be a relaxed and informal place where people can talk about and share their love of photography, supporting and encouraging each other’s work.

We meet at 8pm once a month in the pub. It’s all rather unstructured with different groups holding their own conversations or showing each other their latest work.

Some people have a drink and something to eat during the meeting. In the summer, weather permitting, we sit in the garden. It’s a chilled atmosphere in which to talk about photography in general and to tap into the collective experience of members.

We have a wide range of abilities, from professionals to people who hardly ever pick up a camera or just shoot on their phones.

Some of us still shoot film. We have professional architectural, landscape and portrait photographers, street, drone, wildlife and dog photographers and even one person who specialises in toy photography.

In December 2019, the weekly magazine Amateur Photographer carried a double page feature on the club. You can view this article by clicking here.